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Cultural and community development

Didem has worked in Melbourne and Victoria with organisations such as FCAC, outer urban projects, Dandenong city council, writers Victoria, the emerging writers festival, the Melbourne writers festival, Melbourne city council, Hume city council, Brimbank city council. She has conducted creative writing workshops, facilitated and led theatre projects, presented at literary festivals and poetry events.

Didem is passionate about cultural and community development and the use of creativity and expression to foster new voices and innovative processes. She has explored such notions in her critical work:

Delicate Weave

There is a universality in experiencing theatre. Bodies, images, movements, sounds, words and the delicate weave of these elements into a live and present moment, have a way of transcending the barriers between humans that can become washed by the tides of everyday reality. The muses of theatre guide us to evolve. Sometimes with gentle nudges, sometimes with startling bolts of creative lightning. The accessibility of arts and culture is a gauge of freedom in a society and the appreciation of it, exalts us.

Breaking The Ghetto Mentality

Dandenong is far… as much as I loathe this petty excuse that potential visitors use, I understand it. It is a booming outer Melbourne suburb with incredible infrastructure, arts and culture and a wonderful collection of multicultural eateries. But it took me two hours, three wrong turns and an accidental drive on a city link freeway to travel from an inner city base to the wonderfully equipped Walker Street Gallery and Arts Centre in the outer south-east.

A State Of Play

As a playwright, the space I work from is suspended somewhere between intuition and intellect. This space is a ‘sweet spot’, where both poles work in sympathy. Here, the conventional order of the everyday world can be destabilized and a new reality determined. My task is to unravel, transform and create new perceptions. This means diving into my own thoughts, feelings and sensations in order to offer new ways of engaging with reality. I write in order to make deep, authentic connections: experiences which take root just beyond the reach of logical thought. This is why theatre exists in a strange and mystical space: because it has the ability to engage beyond logic and pure action.

Didem Caia - Cultural Leadership Showcase

Why do we hide behind buzzwords and verbal advocacy and then fail to act? The lack of this nature of interrogation and the – sometimes – failure of new writing to interpret the now through the elements of drama is what leads to a stagnant theatre culture.

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