“The main tools at our disposal are the voice, the written word and the passion that exists within.” – Didem Caia

One on one self development coaching using creative practises.



Creative Writing & English As A Second Language

I have had the privilege to teach poetry, persuasive writing, short fiction, playwrighting and English as a second language nationally as well as internationally. The gift of working in many parts of the world, has supported my belief that the desire for expression and connection exists within us all, no matter culture, colour or creed.

Student Coaching & Workshops

Since 2011, I have worked across VCE exam coaching for English, literature and media. I have developed workshops which work closely with students to foster critical thinking, abstract thinking and close analysis of fiction, non fiction, persuasive texts and poetry.

Counselling & Self Development Coaching

In 2017 I naturally progressed into counselling and self development coaching. I developed processes which foster support for young people aged between 13-25, that exist to offer the necessary platform for young people to express themselves. Develop and achieve academic and personal goals, and ignite their creative expression through speaking and writing.

Combining activities that focus on

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personal authoring

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identity and storytelling

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value systems

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core beliefs

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goal setting

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discipline and responsibility

These sessions are conducted out of my home office, and are specifically individual focussed in order to work closely with nuance, personality and specific obstacles. Please contact to gain more information.