The Project Word

Didem Caia

Writer, Speaker & Coach

"Creativity is your consolation in a world filled with cruelty" - Didem Caia

‘The project word’ was founded in 2018 by Didem Caia. Didem is a writer, speaker, community development worker and development coach who specialises in fostering creative and personal expression through the written and spoken word. Her interests began in theatre and she has trained at NIDA and VCA. Didem has also worked both locally and internationally with companies, festivals, events and within community development.

What is the project word?

As Didem’s passion for working with people grew, she ventured into psychology, counselling and self-development coaching. ‘The Project word’ is a platform that engages with both new and innovative writing and storytelling processes that she has created, which combine creativity and personal storytelling to develop new artistic practises and projects. ‘The Project word’ is a way for people to learn the art and bravery of storytelling, while fostering their own creative expression. Words are a valuable tool to unite people creatively and the many projects that Didem has had the pleasure of facilitating, have reaffirmed her desire to radiate this passion outward and continue to cultivate the power of language.

Services Offered

Cultural and community development.

One on one self-development coaching using creative and artistic practises.

Speaking and presentation on the importance of storytelling and expression.

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